Thursday, 30 November 2017


Again, Thanks to Readers from Brazil, Poland, Thailand and UK for visiting my Posts here.          .Recently all Flights to and out of Bali, Indonesia were cancelled because of intense activity of Mt. Agung in Bali, Indonesia. The volcano last erupted in 1963 killing about 1,100 people. It had been pewing  clouds of white and grey ash to about 4,000 m (13,123 feet) with lava flow. Thousands of villagers were evacuated and thousands of tourists were stuck in the congested airport. Cattle could not graze the grass because of the volcanic ash and had to be driven kilometres to find some unaffected grassland. Today Flights resumed and China had sent their aircraft to evacuate their citizens touring Bali (so far the only country that had concern of their citizens) and in recent years their numbers had outgrown that of Australian tourists.

I was told “First Water; then Fire”. Worldwide there had been floods in almost every country and even Saudi Arabia was not spared. The wildfires in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia were scary. Now if Mt Agung has a full blown eruption, then it heralds more volcanic activities worldwide. My advice is to travel less in 2018 as the bad, freaky weather plus volcanic activities with Earthquakes will intensify. Airports will remain closed for long periods of time and being stranded with low funds in local currencies is no fun. Mother Earth had spoken. She will have to bring out all the negativity and transmute it; so will people. All the ugly pedophiles, scams, corruption, mind control, sex scandals and human trafficking will have to be transmuted. Planet Earth is a prized planet and there is a huge Battle in the Heavens raging on now. The unexplained sonic booms heard all over the world is the result of such Battles. Underground Alien Bases had been destroyed and still on- going. OR NI TOR FOR.

Sunday, 19 November 2017


Greetings to my  Readers from Kenya, Thailand, Bosnia!    I received a shocking message just a few days ago. This is it, Final confirmation. I just can’t brush it off as fake news anymore. Two or more years ago I had this information from very reliable off- world Sources and not being able to confirm, I just put it aside, on hold. This time I can’t ignore anymore.  You see, I received advice from Arch Angel Metatron via Sun Wukong, the Monkey God, conveying a message that I must remove the Protective Shield I put up for my Island. It was really shocking for me and Sun Wukong, but more for me. Essentially the message was loud and clear- to put a stop to protecting people and preserving their lives. Source had decided that it is best in the long run for a deep cleansing of the planet that will reduce the population by a third. Any attempts by energy workers to block this process from unfolding will be neutralized to avoid causing even more damage. This planet needs a rebirth. Two thirds will have a spiritual rebirth, and one third will have a physical rebirth. This is a Final warning. Many Energy Workers are actually working for the demons and they will be eliminated in the years to come. The great turmoil is about to begin. Many are shaken up by the signs but few get the message. 

After receiving the warning from Arch Angel Metatron, I removed and withdrew the protective shield over my Island. A few days later I got more messages from Metatron to improve my understanding of Cosmic Laws. In 2015 I wrote my Adventure Fiction called “Escape to the Fifth Dimension” where I wove Truth into some fiction. In fact, now I realised it was a channelling. I did suspect it to be so because I was like in a trance-like feeling and it swayed from my original plan. It sort of, the characters in my book, took a life of its own and I had to give up my original plan and just let my fingers flowed on the computer. One Chapter dealt with massive floods and extensive damage in my Island and this occurred on 5th November this year. In another chapter I wrote about a Chinese man rescuing a Malay family in a burning car and this really happened on 31st August this year. When these two incidents happened, it really shocked me. Now the Question is how much more will my book prophecy the near future? I had also included a chapter on how to prepare for emergencies and this alone will be worth to buy the book. You can order it from  Each book ordered through this portal will be blessed to guide and protect the owner with my Blue Energy. I had also woven some of my adventures in the book.

Yes I write as Dean Yang.

Indeed Mother Earth needs to cleanse herself of all the negativity that Humans had inflicted before she will fully go into 5D (She is already midway there. There are pockets of 5D Earth in existence now). She cleanses via Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Deluge, Floods, Wildfires, Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

There is also a huge Battle being fought in the Skies and my recent Intel informs that the Dark Fleet is about 99.99% destroyed. That is why over in USA, some parts of Europe, and very few in Asia had “meteors” in the skies, which are actually remnants of the Dark Fleet’s ships that were destroyed. Trump, after his China Trip, is actually more protected than ever because when he visited the Forbidden City, the Old Emperor who resides there in spirit cleansed him of implants and negative forces. Mass arrests are happening, mainly in USA kicked started by arrests of pedophiles, Saudi and a coup in Zimbabwe. More events are expected to take place and at a fast pace. OR NI TOR FOR.

Sunday, 5 November 2017


While doing my Zen Meditation and Prayers,  3 hours ago, I was told to put up a protective Grid to protect my island and I performed it by engulfing my Island and surrounding areas extending beyond with the help of St Germain’s Flame. Seems to work as it is all calm now, the energies not so chaotic. OR NI TOR FOR.


There were plenty of destruction from Typhoon Damray last night- the night of Supermoon. It rained very heavy with strong winds. Roads were flooded, trees uprooted, collapsed of some roads and so far 3 deaths were reported. Vietnam had the full brunt and so far 19 people reported died. On September 15 we had a bad storm with severe flooding and rainfall was recorded as 70mm, but last night it was recorded to be 315mm. The Ferry that plies between my Island and mainland was even washed to the road by the big waves and strong wind. Luckily, by some intuition, I cancelled a trip across to the mainland last night for a meeting because I could have been stranded by floods. Some low IQ people blamed the local Government about land clearing for building projects but this is Typhoon, even places with no developments going on were badly affected. Our Chief Minister had to plead with the Federal Government to send the Army to help. The amount of destruction was unprecedented. A friend who lives on the 14th Floor had his Apartment flooded because the force of the wind blew rain into his Unit through the gaps of his closed windows. He described one of his bedroom as a “river” flowing through. Yes, we can expect severe winters for Europe and USA this winter. And more Earthquakes and volcanic activities too.  I had told people who know me to store up food and water ages ago and they argued back saying all sorts of things. I hope at least now they will recall my words. It is still not too late to prepare. Actually no one knows exactly who I AM over here but it is better this way. The pictures below are self- explanatory.  OR NI TOR FOR.

 The Ferry blown to the roadside

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


                                                    CARMEN MARK

It’s time to say thanks to Readers from Guatemala, Belarus, Ukraine, Australia, Malaysia and Ireland!     .You must read Part 1 to fully understand this discussion. I hope this discussion can throw more light into the whole story of Carmen Mark who died at a very young age of 18 years. It has many Lessons for all of us.
Before we are born, as a Soul, we decided what kind of Game Plan we are to have in the next Incarnation. We choose the Parents and country to fulfil as close as possible our Plan – the Lessons to learn and the Karma to be fulfilled. We also have some Soul Contracts with our Parents, Friends, Relatives and Enemies. All these Souls agreed to the Contract. But Karma is actually a complicated subject and Lord Buddha had shown how to break this Karmic Cycle. Thus Carmen must have this Plan to fulfil so many of her Karmic lessons, which included all those linked to her; all those involved in one way or another with her. Thus her “untimely” passing away was planned. In fact, death itself is an Illusion for there is no death. The Soul lives on and very much in contact with their loved ones. Some Souls that are ejected out of their physical bodies in cases of sudden deaths like motor vehicular accidents and the likes are usually “lost”. Most of the time they don’t even realised they are “dead”. They then are unguided and stay on in a realm of in- between the 3D and 4D as ghosts. And there so many of such lost souls especially after the wars- any wars for that matter.
Another way Souls can be in a physical body are as ‘Walk-ins”. This must again be a contract between the souls involved. The advantage for the soul that enters a body is to cut short being born again and growing up. The original soul that inhabited the body must leave and go into the Spirit worlds. Actually I have written in detail this sort of cases in my first book with a local example. The family members of that person will notice a huge change in personality to that extent that family members will say he/she is not the same person as before. The soul that leaves have another agenda and the walk-in is an instant adult to continue its role in embodiment in our 3D world. Some of these cases would present as coming back from the dead. In very rare cases death need not happen but the original soul leaves and the body being taken over by the other soul. I have not come across such cases yet.
Now we must know something about the human heart. The Anatomy and Physiology of the human heart will not explain anything. Don’t waste your time reading it. Thus don’t ask your doctor, cardiologist or electro- physiologist about things esoteric on the human heart. It is only now that I understand the esoteric aspects of the heart even though my Aboriginal Master had taught me a lot in the jungles of Pahang state many years ago. He kept telling me “ never let your heart be broken for it will have great consequences.” As he is an Aborigine he was unable to explain to me more due to language issues. You see, Descartes was wrong to say the soul lives in the pineal gland. The soul lives in a secret chamber of the heart and there is no such anatomical chamber; it is rather invisible. The Golden Solar Disc is also within our hearts and this is connected to the Solar Disc of our Planet. It holds the Light Codes of Creation.
Now I can tell you about Carmen Mark’s real story. She had chosen her parents before she was born. Her Soul’s mission was many- fold- 1) to make organ donation more acceptable and encourage donors , 2) to break the taboo about organ donation, especially for her grandmother, 3) but she got a good deal in that she even was able to fulfil her desire of working in the National Heart Centre, Singapore even though she had to fulfil the Soul Contract. This is so because her soul still lives in her donated heart in the secret chamber with the Three Fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power. Do read again Part 1 because in the story, the heart recipient Serene Lee did not like to drink coffee but now she does! Even her mannerisms were like that of Carmen, as vouched by Carmen’s school teachers who met with Serene Lee. But the Plan is working well, exceedingly well because Carmen gets to be working in her place of choice, Serene Lee is alive and continues to be a wife and mother to her family. Even the Dolphins acknowledged the happy event when they suddenly appeared when Serene Lee and Carmen’s parents visited the sea where the ashes of Carmen were released. This is a sign, a good sign that everything went perfectly well as Planned by the souls involved.
Phantom Limbs
Many people had either their lower limbs or arm amputated for the many reasons like war injuries, motor vehicular accidents or diabetics. Then they will still complain of feeling as though they still have their amputated limbs intact and can feel pain. This phenomenon is called Phantom limbs syndrome. The real reason is that the energetic blueprint of that limb still remains and that is why amputees still can feel it. So you can amputate a limb yet it’s imprint is still there.
There are many cases where the donated arm will not “obey’ the recipient, ie the hand can move on it’s own much to the disappointment of the recipient. For some it can get so bad that they want the donated arm to be amputated as they rather not have an “alien” hand. This is because the donated arm has some energetic imprint of the donor’s soul in every cell/DNA of the donated arm. It can thus take a “life” of its own.
Pertaining to Carmen Mark’s case, I hope her parents would be reading this and my message is that do not grieve anymore; her Life’s mission has been fulfilled and she is happy because her parents have heard her heart beating.  Excessive grief will only hinder the departed’s progress and this is across the board. OR NI TOR FOR.

Friday, 27 October 2017


I have to put this important message up instead of the Part 2 that I have promised. Timelines had been collapsed, particularly that which is of the Annunaki Matrix. It happened in the last few days ago. I just experienced an effect and luckily I kept a cool head and managed to dissipate it away. What it means is that all Karmic energies are being brought up to be transmuted and got rid off. So things will be happening to each and all – family and relationship issues, Souls leaving , scandals exposed and so on. Since I had a taste of this Shift, the message I got is to let everyone know. But never panic or you can’t think. Say your Prayers. I am also trying to get the Part 2 done but due to several interruptions, new projects to handle and meetings to attend, I hope to do it as soon as possible. OR NI TOR FOR.