Wednesday, 11 April 2018


When our Grandmaster comes to town, he will invite some of us who belonged to his Inner Circle for a dinner. That part of the restaurant will be blocked off from the rest of the premises for our privacy. In one of these meetings, Grandmaster told us he did extensive top secret Feng Shui Water Dragons and Five Ghost Carry Treasures features for someone at the top of our government to attract immense wealth for this person. He never revealed the name but we could guess for whom it was done. With a twinkle in his eyes and mischievous smile, Grandmaster hinted it is so powerful it will overwhelm him one day.  This was several years ago. Our Grandmaster, we understood, was sort of forced to do it as he really had no choice. This person went on to plunder the nation and caused much, much strife to the ordinary laymen.
I talked to a knowledgeable person and he was surprised that many are still so blind and brain washed that they still support the dirty politics and politicians who only serves themselves for greed and power. Come election time, these varmints promise so much, only not to honour the promises so that come next election, the same bait is laid again. This happened 13 times over roughly 62 years. This time however, if the cycle is not broken, it is the final seal of doom for all. Little do these blind and brain washed zombie supporters know how much bad karma they will inherit and be cursed by all generations, including from their own descendants.
As the situation is really bad and precarious, I have to do something. I am now more than just a Feng shui Master. But what AM I really? No need to say. I must now rectify what my Grand Master did to this country. When the Election date was announced to be 5th of May this year, I know the Feng Shui reason and thus another Grand Master was being used, as our Grand Mater had passed away some years back. This date has a deeper meaning, then just a week day to inconvenience voters as a lower turn out will be in favour of the ruling Party. As Fate would have it, I chanced upon a vital information- that of the date the ruling Party was formed back in 1946, translated in our Feng Shui terminology as Day of Yin Wood in the Year of the Fire Dog. Their demise is thus sealed by Heaven in this Year of the Earth Dog, and with a little help with intense meditation and Co- Creative abilities, I know I can counter the Grand Master who helped choose the Date for them, which I must say is helpful for them. That is where work needs to be done to shatter the support of the energy of that day for them. I will thus be very busy with Prayers, Meditation and maybe, if situation requires, unleash 3 powerful Mantras. (I had inadvertently seen the Power in the last few months when I used it. Thus I know the Power it has!) I work alone as my time is very odd and none can join me. So my Country men and women, have no Fear, come out to vote the minions of the Dark Ones out and bring back Justice for so many who had suffered or died under mysterious circumstances as they needed human sacrifice to survive. You are so powerful, if only you know. The Tao And especially the Grand Duke, Tai Sui, is with Us, and will beat the Hell out of this Fire Dog. OR NI TOR FOR.
Mari kita turun padang untuk Negara.

Monday, 2 April 2018


Time to meditate and clear negativity. Play this video. Relax, reflect, meditate with me. OR NI TOR FOR.

Saturday, 17 March 2018


I thank readers from  UAE, Philippines, Ukraine, Brazil and India for visiting my blog recently. Of course those from USA are my numerically largest readers and a Big Thank you too! Today’s post will be by far the most important and I suggest you take note of it for future reference.
I wish to write about ‘The Event” or ‘The Flash”. I am not the only one talking about it but it was after careful consideration and sifting through the material that I shall present the most important thoughts about it. That this ‘Event” will occur is now gaining widespread acceptance by many Lightworkers, psychics, Shamans and Chanellers. The only Question is “When?”. Even the Pleidians and Arcturians (The ET Races) are unable to forecast the timing as this is the domain of The Divine. There are also, on the other hand, many who dared to state the timing perhaps to gain popularity. In actual fact, not even Jesus knows. But Sananda, as Jesus is known in the Nebadon Universe, can only state that there is a 56% chance of it occurring within the next 6 months. I believe this is the only reliable estimate. I did my own investigation, psychically, and I have come up with a month that is within what Sananda had mentioned. However, as a serious Lightworker, and working to be included in the Galactic Council, and in accordance to the Law of One, I can’t reveal it as I do not seek fame or attention. Here I can just issue the warning to all – that the Final Day is approaching faster than you think.

This Flash will be world wide and even miners underground will not miss it! It affects all but each will react in their own way- depending on their consciousness, ie whether they are Awake or not. Actually no one knows what will happen other than a Big Flash of Light. Whether it will be accompanied by Earthquakes, Volcanic activity or Tsunamis, I don’t know. Perhaps many will see the Masters – Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and other Masters that walked upon te Earth before. But many will leave their bodies too, almost one- third of total world population which now is around 7 Billion. Is there anything anyone can do now? Basically nothing but Pray. All Lightworkers, Light Warriors, Way Showers and the 144,000 Souls should know who they are and what their Mission is by now. They are all strategically placed.  Our Space Brothers ( Arcturians, Pleidians, Sirius, Yayel ) have all arrived and are in the skies, ready for action when given the go ahead by the Galactic Council. Actually there is nothing to fear. All of us had our Soul Agreements before Birth . Everyone had already made their choices whether they are aware of it or not. After The Event, The New Earth will be established – Nova Gaia of The Golden Age. It is 5th Dimensional. So this is the Last call for those still unawakened, those of the Cabal and those of the Dark. This time if they are still recalcitrant, they will be completely annihilated ie the souls will be absorbed back and re- processed. Those who chose to remain unawake will then have to wait another cycle of 26,000 years for the next opportunity and live in another 3D world. By the way, befoe I end, tomorrow ie 18th or 19th March, there will be a huge Solar Storm. OR NI TOR FOR.

Friday, 2 March 2018


First I wish to Thank everyone who had wished us safety and Protection for our little group of brave Souls who stood up. The rats (because they can’t be classified as Humans) made so many errors in our “table talk” that they were cornered. I can only reveal that this group of rats terrorised our local community and all were so scared of them. They destroyed our properties and looted us for more than a year. One of us gathered intelligence and solid proof of their actions. This gave me the fodder to spring a trap. We did a lot of underground work to de- stabilize them such that their leader and 2 right hand men chickened out and left their remainder henchmen leaderless and so were easy meat for us. Now they face the brunt of the Law. Their leader had left the country but we know where he ran to. Our intelligence is first rate. Originally the Police didn’t want to get involved but instead one of them came along with 6 fully- armed Police in uniform  to threatened me at my residence late at night about a year ago. I stood my ground and in fact using my eloquence to sent them packing. What surprised our group was that several people turned up to join us and so we had a large number, rather than 5 of us. I can’t reveal more juicy details. I wish to Thank one Soul in the USA, my Fellow Light Worker who gave me backing spiritually by sending his Light timed to arrive at the crucial time. I also had my secret weapons-  my Blue Light sabre, my Obsidian crystal energised 100,000 times by Sun Wukong, The Monkey God. Then my Ancestors came as I was given only a sign I know. My Ancestors were decorated Generals in Ancient China, documented in Chinese History as the Yang Generals. I can’t believe it when I got the sign. It was then I knew we would be victorious. I also wore blue to support my WOOD BaZi and I faced them with Grand Duke (Tai Sui) as my backing, all Fengshui techniques used by Chu Kuo-liang as in the Three Kingdoms era. Jesus is known for Miracles, and many miracles happened along the way – like how others brought in their own group of 6 tough and burly men, with thick gold chains around their necks! These guys looked so intimidating! No wonder the rats collapsed like a house of cards. I don’t know who these guys are as they disappeared after the confrontation ended. Can’t even thank them!
OK what are the Lessons here? Let me tell you this. Our actions reflect the situation of the World. We were the Microcosm of the Macrocosm. A Fractal. We showed that Light will overcome the Dark Ones if we are united as One and as bearers of Light, Truth and Compassion. This Wind of Change is sweeping all over the World. People are awakening and re-gaining their Power. So I shall say to the sceptics, to the fence- sitters- Be the Light!! You will not lose!. I have great Hope for my Country’ future, if you know what I mean.
? Let me tell you this. Our actions reflect the situation of the World. We were the Microcosm of the Macrocosm. A Fractal. We showed that Light will overcome the Dark Ones if we are united as One and as bearers of Light, Truth and Compassion. This Wind of Change is sweeping all over the World. People are awakening and re-gaining their Power. So I shall say to the sceptics, to the fence- sitters- Be the Light!! You will not lose!. I have great  Hope for my Country’s future despite what is going on because a wave of brave hearts will stop all the nonsense.  I am one of the Ground Crew that stabilizes and ground the Light on our Mother Earth. I end this with a channelled message from Prime Creator-  The Universe wants to make one thing very clear to you.  You can affect change!  You have always had the ability to do this, however, your society has done everything in its power to say you cannot.  How many times have you heard that one person is unable to do anything?  How many times have you heard that one voice does not matter?  The truth of that matter is…one person, one voice can be the catalyst that begins and keeps a change moving in a positive direction. It is comparable to your own personal growth.  Thoughts and wishes are good; however, action is needed to complete a goal.  Please remember…you are much more powerful than you give yourself credit for.  Within you is a Divine Spark that can brighten even the darkest corner.  You can change your world.  It is just a matter of believing.  The Universe believes in you, it is time to start believing in yourself. “
My special friends who commented -
-M. Hilliard wrote - I am so happy and grateful that this worked out so well, Yeoh. You most certainly put yourself in a very dangerous situation. Your crazy man, but in a really good way. Your community (and the world for that matter) is very blessed to have you as a Guardian, Light-worker, and all-around cool dude! ;) I really like what you wrote at the end, very inspiring.
- Peggy Johnson - Blessed Light to you, dear man. I did not know. Now. I do. I will be sending you the Light I access set to continue as needed. 

Friday, 23 February 2018


On Day of Earth Rat (Sunday 25th) and when Heavens are Open, me and my Team comprising of 2 locals, one from UK and one from Netherlands will do Battle with the minions of the Dark ones in our local community. Do send us your Blessings and Protection, I am the only one with my Psychic protection, my Team has no other means except their Brains and Brawn. We will be out- numbered but we are Warriors of Light.