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Community Leaders, Clergy and Elite Businessmen Busted in Massive Child Sex Ring – Hundreds Arrested

I have chosen two News, one from the East and the other from the West. Now let’s see the esoteric viewpoint from me. In other words ‘How to read your Newspaper”. 
Let’s start from News from Singapore Dear Human Beings. The Headlines tells you of the summary of the news article. In a nutshell, the issue is about whether to demolish Lee Kuan Yew’s house after his death. He was the Prime Minister of Singapore. The late LKY  had expressed his wish to have it demolished for he didn’t want to have a monument for his legacy. Then accusations were hurled between the children of LKY, with the eldest Hsien Loong being the current Prime Minister of Singapore. It has begun ugly with many family issues being exposed to the public.
I just see it as the Energy affecting us all. This new wave of Energy will bring out all that needs to be healed and done away with. Many may experience arguments, quarrels, divorce, legal issues and even some Souls may decide to have nothing to do with the Energies and chose to leave the body. Actually Earth had shifted so much since 20/12/2012 and since 22 May 2017 had taken roots in 5th Dimension.
For the 2nd Headlines about hundreds being arrested, well it shows the second Principle of   being exposed and arrested, as I had mentioned several times before that when the Light shines, nothing can remain hidden any longer. All scandals, schemes and illegal activities will be exposed bare and the perpetrators brought to justice. The new Matrix and Grid will not support dark activities and even black magic will lose its effectiveness. However because the Dark ones knows of their coming demise, they are going on an all out attack for their survival, which is futile. They will be taken out one by one. The old paradigm and negative ones simply cannot survive in the New Energy Grids. The tentacles of Yaldaboath had been removed from Earth and only the head remains and Light Forces are working on it.  There are only a few remaining Reptilians and almost all of their underground bases had been destroyed. Some informants are adamant that there are no more Greys or Reptilians on the Planet anymore. OR NI TOR FOR

Sunday, 25 June 2017


Waktu mengalir bagaikan air,
Rahadhan suci akan berakhir
Salah dan khilaf yang tercuap
Pintu maaf selalu diharap

Sunday, 18 June 2017


The photo above is a farmer’s Jeep and I crowned it “King of the Road’ because it was parked at the centre of a narrow lane! In this small village up in the Highlands I spent a few days with my family. The weather was cool and the crowd of tourists was just building up, just perfect for us as we avoid the mad holiday crowds if possible. We enjoyed this trip very much, discovering new attractions and an isolated Taoist Temple off road. In this village, there are more 4WD monsters than any other towns and I really get freaked out as I could blend it with mine, though not quite because theirs were all mud covered with dents here and there and looked real mean and rugged. So I will drive on purpose over the potholes filled with muddy rain water to look somewhat like them.
The very first night I had an adventure. I had for unknown reasons projected myself out into the Astral realm but flew back to about a few hundred feet above the Hotel we stayed and saw clearly the rooftops of other buildings nearby. I was amazed at the beautiful night scenery around. I knew it was either lucid dreaming or in real time as I could control where I wanted to “fly” to and was very Conscious, could even feel the very cool night air as the temperatures drops even further at night. Then I see Danger in the form of a few Dark Blobs coming towards me menacingly. I just observed first but on guard. Then it got worse, more appeared and were coming aggressively towards me, there must be hundreds of them as they began to fill up my whole vision. So I stood my ground and shot a blast of Golden White Energy towards them. To my surprise, it didn’t stop any of the Dark blobs, now morphing into other shapes and coming towards me even faster and even more. I was never afraid, only marvel that they were not affected by the Light Energy I shot out. So now I used my Mantra and after saying it 3 times, one by one , they were blasted to nothingness- all of them. I then knew I had cleared this Village of Negativity that was around for such a long time, since WW2. Job done and I flew back into my Physical vessel and woke up.
The UnAwakened do not know what goes on our Planet and off- Planet too. There are huge battles going on between the Light Forces and the Dark Ones, and some are very fierce battles too, with casualties on the Light Forces.  The Battles had been going on for Aeons and in this part of our Cosmos, at least for the last 26,000 years. It is only now that the Light Forces are gaining the upper hand. The Dark ones had destroyed at least 5 planets before – annihilating billions of innocent Souls- and our Earth was nearly done in 1978. It was so close. The Year 2012 was the tipping point for Mother Earth and the Mayans were right. We are now very close to Final Victory but still have much to do and clear. The Orders had been given out to annihilate these Dark ones to take them down by special hit squads as enough warnings and negotiation were done and yet no progress. You may see lots of people disappear. Meanwhile, my Commander, is now in California to do his part of the “seek and destroy” work.  OR NI TOR FOR.

Saturday, 3 June 2017


I still meet many negative thinking folks and I need to comment the harm they are doing nation- wide and World- wide. Many are so brain washed by the media, TV, political parties and governments that I too can’t help them. These people could also be brain dead. The harm they are doing is the negative vibration they send out with their hatred, racism and all the negativity. This re-enforces the Negative Timelines and makes the job of Light Warriors tougher. The power of Thought is powerful. So I ask you my Friends join me in creating a Positive Timeline for our Country/Countries and thus the World.
Just believe that all things Good will be the Final outcome. See the citizens happy going about their daily activities, that all live in Harmony and Peace. Everyone makes a comfortable income, kids playing in the playgrounds. With these kinds of thoughts you send out Positive Energy to re-enforce what other Light Warriors are doing on their own. We do even more at Dream Time.
The Dark knows they are losing their control and will be defeated all over the World. I am seeing this happening. They are very desperate so things will get worse before it gets better. In fact they have also sown confusion even among Light bearers for they are masters of lies and deceit. Every information I get, whether off- world or from humans, I am very careful. Some of my once reliable sources have fallen to the covert attack. Now I know who are the Ones who still stay intact.
The Truth Bomb will explode, for sure. When it does there will be casualties. It will be as devastating as a real physical Bomb .Perhaps even more so. It will affect all because it will crumble down Governments, institutions, religions, science, medicine, physics, politics, pharmaceutical industries, education, world history, the Elites, politicians, NASA,  Vatican and so on. People will go berserk when Truth is told, those who are so brain washed may commit suicide for they can’t accept that they had been lied all their lives. Many Dark ones will be exposed – the liers, conmen, paedophiles, animal abusers, Heads of State and their henchmen, religious fanatics, hypocrites, criminals of Humanity, etc. and they will meet their sealed fates. Those who repent will be given another chance while the recalcitrant ones will be taken off Planet to be recycled. Many are being cornered left, right and centre- even below and above. They have no where to run. Murders will be solved and the perpetrators’ exposed.  You will be bombarded by News everywhere to the point of fatigue. Can you take it?
What if I tell you there will be no WW3 (as we understand it), no Nuclear weapons unleashed but there certainly will be economic chaos, weather havoc, population uprising, and indeed lots of cleansing all over. It has to be. It must be done. Chaos before the Calm. Old structures must be torn down and Earth re- built. The Chief of the Sasquatch via  Chief Standing Elk said I and other Light Bearers are now known as a Sasquatchitan.  OR NI TOR FOR.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017



Wesak falls on 10th May and already many psychics reported the Energy building up is tremendous as many were floored, me too – feeling disturbed and uneasy but it settled somewhat for me today. For this Wesak the Pink Flame of Creative and Active Intelligence will be grounded as told by Lord Buddha.  It will help Humanity to be more Heart- connected. You can help change the World by changing yourself first. Actually every Year since 2012, the special Energies that are beamed to Earth on Wesak Day had been ever increasing in intensities and higher frequencies. And exactly at Full Moon, all the deities, Angels, Archangels and others of the Heavenly Realm will welcome Lord Gautama Buddha, the Present Logos of this Universe, to a sacred and secret Valley in the Himalayas to pay Homage. It is an Event celebrated throughout the Universe. Of course, I will bring my Family to our favourite Buddhist Temple to give respect and reverence to Lord Buddha. May there be Peace and Love throughout the Universe. Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samosam Buddhasa. OR NI TOR FOR

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


I had to make a tough business decision and that speed is needed. Although based on my intuition, I should say “Yes” but I needed other methods to investigate and make the decision more solid. I thus turned to The I Ching. But for a very quick method, I first use my Divining Pendulum and the answer was a “Yes”. Thus I contacted my business partner and told him to go ahead with making the move.

To use the I Ching, I needed time to calm myself, do some meditation and proceed with the divination. Turns out it is a difficult one for me to interpret. Very tricky it was. So after doing the rituals, I tossed my I Ching coins and got the Hexagram 48 (The Well) and in Line 5, counting from bottom up, it says I can drink from this well. Then by calculation, it changed to Hexagram 46 ( Sheng), which contains the answer to my question and is the future timeline. Sheng gave me a very positive answer. Basically it meant ‘highly auspicious” and also “New business – can proceed”. This is re-enforcd by Line number 5 of Sheng which says ‘ascend staircase”. I was very happy.
However a spanner was thrown in the works when I used the complicated and detailed method of King Wen which uses the Five Elements, Time factor and Season of Divining among other details. The good news is that it is supported by the Elements but there are also underlying elements clashing. I will still have to be careful with this venture.  I salute The Great Tao. OR NI TOR FOR.