Sunday, 19 March 2017


Atlanta, USA at 7.41am on Monday will be a very significant Time. Please convert to your Local time and be alert. Heaven's Light clash with Inner Earth energy at surface; Dark ones (DEMONS) will be at battle with Light Forces (Angels, Andromedians, etc). Followed by several arrests in USA in a week's time, starting with big names. OR NI TOR FOR.

Thursday, 16 March 2017


Since my previous Post I had received queries from close friends of what exactly will happen on 20th March. I myself am not sure too but promised to investigate. On such matters, investigation is either by meditation or by calculation using the ancient I Ching. The quickest method for me is by the I Ching and so I got the above two Hexagrams, 23 (Bo) turning into 2 (Kun). Now the interpretation is the most difficult part in I Ching Divination.  I have said before to my Clients who had asked for my help using I Ching- that the I Ching is never wrong but any mistake in divination is due to my mistake in Calculation and Interpretation.  I used to apply a longer methodology in calculation called the King Wen method but there is tendency in making errors so I no longer use it as it is very complex but more accurate, a method employed by Kuan Kong as stated in the Three Kingdoms text. So here are my deductions.
It is definitely not a good date for long distance travelling. It is also a very difficult Day for many. There is bad weather too. The rich may not be greatly affected but the little man’s hut is destroyed. The second Hexagram, 2 indicates “the Horse fight with the Dragon” and “blood spills”. You interpret this.
Of course if I want to know what happen on 21st March, I will have to repeat the calculations and it is pointless. I rather have a cup of my coffee, relax and do some other things. OR NI TOR FOR.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


I had been busy, like everyone else. Many things are happening now and more are to come. Huge changes. The Old system can no longer be sustained by the in- coming Energies. You may have noticed several arrests being made in many countries but much more were never reported. Antarctica has gained a lot of attention and only very few information had leaked out. Eventually more insider news will explode out and the world will be astounded by its hidden history. It will be about an ancient civilization that are far more advanced than us.  However today is time to talk about what is going to happen on 20th March, 2017. Or plus minus 1 or 2 days.  Scientists had already noted a magnetic Pole shift, and the Schumann Resonance is an all time high. On that day, the Darkness(eg archons)  will be escorted out of our world. Humans will also be separated into only two Timelines as all other possible Timelines had collapsed. Just a few days ago, Sun Wukong, the Monkey God, had a serious battle with a very strong Dark one, with Sun Wukong rather quite bruised. You are either one of the Light or going along with the Darkness. No in betweens. Make up your minds fast. Last call, last chance. Things are happening at warp speed. Wake up to the New Matrix, the Old will be gone. It is the awakening of Consciousness and an Event maybe needed to bring this about. I Bless you All. OR NI TOR FOR.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Finally the family decided to bring their son who is deaf and dumb to me. This man had complained of severe pain in his abdomen, often writhing in pain. I had done a medical examination, including blood tests and X-ray but could not find any pathology. I then suggested Energy Healing by me. However his family members were not satisfied and had consulted 2 other doctors and also 2 different private hospitals, all of them could not find anything wrong but gave medications anyway. Of course the medications didn’t work. So after spending thousands in medical fees and no improvement, they finally brought him back to me after a month. Today I started the first course of Energy Healing and he certainly needs more sessions. They had also consented for me to check their house and perform Medical Feng Shui to correct any bad Qi. It remains to be seen if I can help this poor fellar. OR NI TOR FOR.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Many would have known of the assassination of Kim Jong-nam on Feb 13th in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA, Malaysia) and who was the half- brother of the present Leader of N. Korea, Kim Jong- un. I am writing about this because many of my readers are from places like USA, South America, Europe and a sprinkling from African Continent and news from Asia may not be reported. But I feel this assassination has very important repercussions as N. Korea is not an easy country to deal with, as even China has sort of lost control over their ally.
Kin Jong-nam was dead within 20 minutes, the assassination being carried out by 2 women who has been arrested. One is Vietnamese and the other, from Indonesia, along with another S. Korean man. The women assassins, very well- trained, used VX nerve agent which is deadly and banned by the UN. The Police are also trying to trace 4 N. Korean men who left KLIA the very same day the murder took place. Now for some input from my sources.
I was waiting for some news from the sources I have, especially from the Spirit world, but all were very quiet. Strange, nothing forthcoming. The only info I received was that the man killed was the double of Kim Jong-nam. So the real Jong- nam is safe along with his family, under protection by China. Now North Korean high- ranking Officials have arrived in Kuala Lumpur to take back the body of their citizen. The problem is that Malaysian government needed the next-of-kin to collect it, along with DNA samples for proof. I believe even if the real Jong-nam was killed, no relatives or any of his children will come at all. It is too dangerous for them and China would not risk it. The Malaysian government has a real problem in their hands now.
Body doubles are very commonly used and clones as well. What I know is that both Hilary Clinton and her husband are clones as the real originals were dead some years ago. Clones are very complex  and they needed to be replaced often as the body deteriorates faster and faster with each clone. Hilary’s sister also acts her double when a new clone is needed. President Donald Trump has recently used his double in a public event while he was somewhere else. I don’t think Trump has a clone as he is not of the Cabal.
On the same day when Jong-nam was killed, another crime was committed in downtown Kuala Lumpur. This was the kidnapping of Pastor Raymond Koh Keng Joo, 62 years old.

 It was done very professionally and swiftly by masked men in at least 3 or 4 vehicles and till today there are no leads nor ransom demand. This looks very much like a Muslim vs Christian thing. The wife had to seek professional counselling in neighbouring Singapore and even a very high reward was announced there were no leads. I had just meditated on the Pastor’s condition and what I can reveal is only that he is still alive as of the time I post this.  OR NI TOR FOR.

Friday, 10 February 2017


Wow, this is a powerful one- this Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on 10/2/2017. The Great Snake is awaken and it’s bite is very venomous. From 10th onwards till 25th, we may see our Sun getting dimmer. It is a bad sign if it does. But it is needed, boosted by this Lunar Eclipse. I am feeling the Energies and it unsettles me. Events may take place both seismic and personal, thus keep your cool and stay calm during the next 2 weeks or so. Many of my Light Worker friends in many parts of the world are also puzzled by this fluctuating Energies, driving many of us a bit crazy. I Bless you all. OR NI TOR FOR