Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Today my discussion is heavily centred on the USA as there is where most of the action is or will be. It is also a response to an American friend and a reader of this Blog. I withheld the information because I needed to verify them but actually others are having almost the same information ( opinion) as me and thus I shall spill it out now. Today I will speak on President Donald Trumph and the coming Eclipse of the Sun.
Those who wanted to see Hillary Clinton as President were hugely disappointed, almost insanely broken hearted. Many who voted for Trump are now disappointed. But let me tell you something else and it takes us back to the assassination of President Kennedy. In another Timeline, Kennedy’s assassination was thwarted and he lived. But it was a disaster for the USA. Kennedy went ahead with full Disclosure about ETs and the US Government. People were not ready for the Truth and it was complete chaos and breakdown of American society and Nation. So we are right to carry on with the Timeline of Trump as President. In the take down of the Cabal, the Clintons, Bushes and so on will be brought to justice. (Some info sources even say that the Clintons are dead). Donald Trump is himself confused and disgusted as he found out the real Power is not being the President but those behind it.

Now we jump to the coming Eclipse of the Sun on 21st August 2017, an event that will affect only the USA from Coast to Coast and tied up with Trump as well. This Eclipse , of all the other Total Eclipses before, will be the most photographed and talked about event. It will cause massive traffic gridlock as people will flock to vantage points to photograph and /or witness it. If I were you, I will stay indoors and forget about witnessing it. As the Moon blocks the Sun’s rays, it will cause the umbra and penumbra, so it will be like twilight. This blockade will bring out the Evil energies/entities to roam and cause havoc. Below are the major towns across the USA and the Times of Eclipse for you to either see and photograph it or stay indoors! Those going you better be prepared with a full tank of gas, some water and food, a fully charged mobile (which may be useless as bandwidth can be congested) and huge, massive gridlock so cool down the temper.
1.      Madras, Oregon
Eclipse starts: 9:06:47 a.m. PDT
Eclipse ends: 11:41:04 a.m. PDT

2.  Lime, Oregon
Eclipse starts: 9:10:04 a.m. PDT
Eclipse ends: 11:47:55 a.m. PDT

3. Smiths Ferry, Idaho
Eclipse starts: 10:11:14 a.m. MDT
Eclipse ends: 12:50:11 p.m. MDT

4.  Terreton, Idaho
Eclipse starts: 10:14:57 a.m. MDT
Eclipse ends: 12:57:08 p.m. MDT

5.  Jackson, Wyoming
Eclipse starts: 10:16:43 a.m. MDT
Eclipse ends: 1:00:29 p.m. MDT

6. Casper, Wyoming
Eclipse starts: 10:22:17 a.m. MDT
Eclipse ends: 1:09:26 p.m. MDT
7. Alliance, Nebraska
Eclipse starts: 10:27:09 a.m. MDT
Eclipse ends: 1:16:42 p.m. MDT

8. Stapleton, Nebraska
Eclipse starts: 11:30:46 a.m. CDT
Eclipse ends: 2:21:54 p.m. CDT
9. Grand Island, Nebraska
Eclipse starts: 11:34:19 a.m. CDT
Eclipse ends: 2:26:35 p.m. CDT
10. St. Joseph, Missouri
Eclipse starts: 11:40:34 a.m. CDT
Eclipse ends: 2:34:28 p.m. CDT

11. Columbia, Missouri
Eclipse starts: 11:45:41 a.m. CDT
Eclipse ends: 2:40:15 p.m. CDT

12. St. Clair, Missouri
Eclipse starts: 11:48:33 a.m. CDT
Eclipse ends: 2:43:29 p.m. CDT

13. Carbondale, Illinois
Eclipse starts: 11:52:27 a.m. CDT
Eclipse ends: 2:47:30 p.m. CDT

14. Makanda, Illinois
(Giant City State Park)
Eclipse starts: 11:52:33 a.m. CDT
Eclipse ends: 2:47:43 p.m. CDT

15. Cerulean, Kentucky
Eclipse starts: 11:56:01 a.m. CDT

16. Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Eclipse starts: 11:56:33 a.m. CDT
Eclipse ends: 2:51:43 p.m. CDT

17. Gallatin, Tennessee
Eclipse starts: 11:59:04 a.m. CDT
Eclipse ends: 2:54:11 p.m. CDT

18. Sparta, Tennessee
Eclipse starts: 12:01:31 p.m. CDT
Eclipse ends: 2:56:29 p.m. CDT

19. Greenville, South Carolina
Eclipse starts: 1:08:59 p.m. EDT
Eclipse ends: 4:03:01 p.m. EDT
Maximum eclipse: 2:39:03 p.m. EDT
20. Columbia, South Carolina
Eclipse starts: 1:13:08 p.m. EDT
Eclipse ends: 4:06:21 p.m. EDT

And to make things more interesting, Trump’s astrological chart showed the worst up against him this Eclipse. As he is the President, it will be double whammy for USA. There could be an attempt on his life sometime after the Eclipse. The effects of the Eclipse will stretch over weeks, months and years. So after August 2017 till 2018, you can expect the works. November and December are the months to watch out for. I have never seen a country being cut across by the Eclipse and having their Leader’s horoscope at the worst ebb at the same Time. Wow, what a Chaos it can be. Just Perfect actually. Remember nothing may happen on the Day of Eclipse, except massive traffic gridlock…or some people’s emotions will just go ballistic. The last time an Eclipse “divided” USA was in 1776 – the War of Independence. And WW1 and WW2 had also an Eclipse passing over the hotspots of the Wars. 
There is also concern about the much overdue mega Earthquake of the Pacific North West involving the Cascade Fault which is about 315 years from the last one around 1700. The Eclipse also passes over or around the Yellowstone Supervolcano, New Madrid Fault and San Andreas Fault. Thus have a Plan of action.
So I will now tell you how to prepare for this Shift in Energy.. Apart for the Survival aspects of getting some supplies of food, water and medicine, like a real Prepper will, a Prayer is most needed. You can pray by whatever method you know best but this Prayer is extra powerful. It connects you to your Higher Self and it’s about time to do so. Your Higher Self knows best what is the higher good for you. Say this Prayer when you wake up daily from Now on – “ I AM my I AM PRESENCE and I AM ONE with FATHER/MOTHER GOD”. (Credit to Patricia Cotra- Robless ). My way of preparation is three days before the Eclipse I will start my Meditation , Prayers and Energy Work to invoke Peace, Love and Abundance for Planet Earth as a Final effort. But for many they have made their Choices and since Timelines had already split we shift into one of the two Timelines. For the Negative Service-for- Self people, they will face their Karma on the 3D Earth. This Shift will bring in more intense Energy, purging and transforming many and bringing in New Consciousness.  OR NI TOR FOR.

Sunday, 23 July 2017


I hope that everyone here is fine. Many are starting to belief in UFOs or even seen one or two. Of late, I have seen increased activities of UFOs patrolling in our skies after a long lull. However today I relate a real incident that occurred to a friend here. This guy works as a Tow Truck driver specializing in towing cars away from owners who had defaulted on their monthly payments. In one case, he managed to track down the car, a BMW , whose owner had defaulted on the monthly instalments but had hidden the car high up on a hill in a remote  a Chinese cemetery to evade his car being repossessed by the Bank. My friend then drove his tow truck to repossess the car which was parked on the dirt road with a steep slope.
On the way up Cemetary

I stopped here, the exact spot is further up

He went to inspect the car and saw it had the handbrakes pulled up and the gears in parking position as well. On top of these precautions, the owner had put a small piece of wood to the tyre as a blockade. The owner was careful to not let his precious car roll down the hill slope. My friend was standing a few metres away from the BMW to direct his assistant driver to manoeuvre the truck into position when suddenly the BMW started to move and gained speed and then crashed into him. He had no time to jump clear off the path of the car. This man was burly and weighs over 140 kg but the car knocked him out cold. His assistant managed to get him to hospital somehow and my poor friend had his leg swollen at the thigh but no bones were broken although he needed a few days stay in the hospital. He was very perplexed as to how can the car move, and that too at great speed, when both the handbrakes and parking gear were engaged and the wheels were blocked by a piece of wood. He called up BMW to ask them and they too said it is impossible.
Not satisfied with all explanations, he got his contact in Bangkok, Thailand to investigate. They are Buddhists monks and they told him the reason. He had angered some spirits dwelling there by his profanity and spitting around the place and that he better go back to the cemetery to offer prayers and apologise  which he duly did so. The monks also told him he could have been killed. My friend came to see me for further healing and this was how I got to know his story. Bizarre.  Don’t miss my next Post for it’s important contents. OR NI TOR FOR. 

Sunday, 9 July 2017

It was very lucky that we still have the Amazon forest for they had agreed to accept very strong Energies pulled to Mother Earth to lessen the effects of such high vibrational Energies releasing it slowly. But there is still lots of work to do to distribute this Energy and Grounding it in various parts of the World. On July 7th I felt a huge surge of Energy and was very disturbed. Three hours later it was ported that a 6.4 magnitude earthquake occurred in Philippines and severe flooding in Japan hours earlier.  I meditated but only managed to see the tree tops of the Amazon whn several phone calls interrupted my meditation and had to call it off.
But tonight I had a very successful zen meditation and managed to direct the stored Energy in the Amazon and directed it to my locality and Island. I could feel the waves of Energy coming to the trees/plants of my area and then spreading to the entire Island, grounding this Energy from the Heavens to stabilise the geology/Energy of my Island and thus creating and safe Zone. Do not fret Human Beings if you are not on my Island because at least about 10 Lightworkers all strategically placed answered the call to stabilize the Energy by plugging into the Amazon Forest. That I know as I am in contact with them.
This call by our Orion Commander to quickly tap into the Amazon was because he had done his utmost best ( even Lord Buddha was involved) to alleviate the impending event and he had actually given up and really saddened by what will be occurring. But his last hope was when the Amazon Trees stepped in to help in stabilizing the Energies. OR NI TOR FOR.