Thursday, 20 April 2017


Some things seem to go very fast; other issues seem to take a long time to resolve. Time, for one, is speeding up. I see Energies and these days, it is very confusing. One night I stood in front of a building and in front of me was total darkness, blank and empty but in actual case there should have been another building in front. I was puzzled. For a moment I couldn’t tell where I was. I was that disorientated and can’t explain this experience. What I know is the Schumann Resonance from the original 7.83Hz had risen to something like over 49Hz, which shows Mother Earth is really shifting big time. The pictures (below) I took today differed in only minutes. See the big difference- the first showed a Golden yellow cloud among the dark rain clouds, then suddenly it disappears after I took the photo. Can someone help explain this sign to me?

Lately I had another small shock - one of my trusted Source of intel had been infiltrated and the info is less accurate. The Source had been warned anyway. The fight between Light and Dark forces has increased and although the Dark ones know they will be defeated, yet they are fighting ever so much harder, but they are just delaying their demise. For sure poor USA will be in deep shit for Captain America (Donald Trump, the War President) will fight wars with Syria, then with Iran, followed by N. Korea, Russia and finally China will join in. I have many friends in US, I hope they will pray hard for themselves and their loved ones. I can only do what I can. OR NI TOR FOR.

Thursday, 13 April 2017


I have chosen the photo above as my “Photo of the Week”. Do you know the story behind this photo? This is also a test of how well connected you are to mainstream News (forget about info from secret sources). If you don’t even know about this hot News, then you are certainly not a well informed person. But some of you may have internet issues of whatever kind and I don’t blame you. Anyway some more important hot News will be tested on the Public soon to see their response as a prelude to admitting that Aliens are real.Something about Japan maybe in the News.

The photo is of Dr David Dao who was forcibly evicted from United Airlines, USA even though he had a valid ticket to make way for some Airline staff. OR NI TOR FOR.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


The recent blasts of Gamma Energy from our Sun was very intense and many, including me, were much affected. I was totally KOed, feeling so tired and in pain, my concentration being disturbed. I went on a healing mode to heal myself. Two days ago was the worst, felt drained out. Unable to perform my prayers nor meditation.You may have felt tired, emotionally on a roller coaster, dizzy, aches and pains in various parts of the body, buzzing in the ears, vivid dreams, memory loss, flu- like attacks, headaches, migraines, and so on.
Mother Earth is changing big time too, over the next weeks the weather will be freaky – torrential rains, mudslides, flooding, earthquakes, volcanic activities, hurricanes and so on. More will leave their bodies and it is their choice. Politics too will hog the limelight. It seems Obama was arrested via a very reliable source but no others mentioned it yet, so I can’t confirm. The death of David Rockefellar left a vacuum in Cabal leadership and chaos amongst them. Moreover, I feel that before Year of Rooster is out, mainstream science ill reveal the truth of Aliens and UFOs. Eyes to the sky. OR NI TOR FOR.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


                                                 The Wanganui River

It is interesting to know what happened on the 20th March and finally I am free to update on this. On that day, a blue- green meteor hit Sweden in a fireball and in Sudan a passenger plane crashed landed in Wau but luckily all 49 people on board survived. A few days before 20th March some very interesting thing happened. In New Zealand the Whanganui River( Te Awa Tupua) was declared a ‘Person” and thus have the rights of a Human. It took the Maoris 140 years to get what they wanted. This is followed by India declaring 2 rivers, the Ganges and Yamuna, as ‘Persons” reported on 23rd March. This is huge as it shows the change in Humanity’s attitude to Nature. These Rivers would now be more respected and for a start no more rubbish be thrown in without the perpetrator being charged in court. Then even more good news- David Rockefellar died exactly on 20th March, or to be more accurate, his death was announced on that day. I have reason to believe he was comatose long before.
Energetically it was a huge change too. I could feel it and see it too. I saw plenty of Energy in the atmosphere plus lots of UFOs. The New Earth is born. Mother Earth is going ahead with Her Ascension. She will cleanse Herself of what is no longer needed. This means weather phenomenon like hurricanes, typhoons, volcanic activities, quakes and undersea movements resulting in tsunamis with many leaving their bodies. In the Astral realms, I battled with a Negative entity and blasted her off with a wave of powerful Energy. Time is also getting faster and eventually, in the finality, there is no Time. Expect the Unexpected. Eyes to the Sky. I Bless you all. OR NI  TOR FOR.

Sunday, 19 March 2017


Atlanta, USA at 7.41am on Monday will be a very significant Time. Please convert to your Local time and be alert. Heaven's Light clash with Inner Earth energy at surface; Dark ones (DEMONS) will be at battle with Light Forces (Angels, Andromedians, etc). Followed by several arrests in USA in a week's time, starting with big names. OR NI TOR FOR.

Thursday, 16 March 2017


Since my previous Post I had received queries from close friends of what exactly will happen on 20th March. I myself am not sure too but promised to investigate. On such matters, investigation is either by meditation or by calculation using the ancient I Ching. The quickest method for me is by the I Ching and so I got the above two Hexagrams, 23 (Bo) turning into 2 (Kun). Now the interpretation is the most difficult part in I Ching Divination.  I have said before to my Clients who had asked for my help using I Ching- that the I Ching is never wrong but any mistake in divination is due to my mistake in Calculation and Interpretation.  I used to apply a longer methodology in calculation called the King Wen method but there is tendency in making errors so I no longer use it as it is very complex but more accurate, a method employed by Kuan Kong as stated in the Three Kingdoms text. So here are my deductions.
It is definitely not a good date for long distance travelling. It is also a very difficult Day for many. There is bad weather too. The rich may not be greatly affected but the little man’s hut is destroyed. The second Hexagram, 2 indicates “the Horse fight with the Dragon” and “blood spills”. You interpret this.
Of course if I want to know what happen on 21st March, I will have to repeat the calculations and it is pointless. I rather have a cup of my coffee, relax and do some other things. OR NI TOR FOR.