Saturday, 16 June 2018


It has been four years now since Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared mysteriously while flying from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China on 8th March, 2014. The plane had 227 passengers and 12 crew members. The passengers comprised of 153 Chinese Nationals, 38 Malaysians, and the rest were from Iran, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, India, France, New Zealand, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan and the Netherlands. Four passengers checked in but did not show up for the flight. And I had kept quiet on the Internet for that long as well in not commenting about it. However since I am known among my friends that I always have some interesting information on almost anything, they had asked me about my opinion. So I told them what my source told me. All actually laughed at me and they confirmed that I am a weirdo. Hence, I never talked about it anymore. Then when news about new searches were conducted in new areas of the ocean, again they asked me but this time I refused to talk any more, and even then, they ridiculed me as they were sure it will be found soon. Well, as I expected, the search by Seabed Constructor of the Company Ocean Infinity was called off as still there was no trace of the plane- a Boeing 777-200ER. It remains the most mysterious disappearance of a Plane in all Aviation history.
Now hear my story. Two days after MH 370 went missing I chance upon a Radar footage, which is a mystery itself because I could never trace the footage again nor download it. And I don’t remember how I got the footage. The Radar showed the bleeps of MH370 going across the Radar screen very slowly. Then suddenly a huge bleep was detected very far away at the edge of the Radar screen towards the right upper edge. This huge object then picked up tremendous speed and shot across the screen towards MH 370. As this Objet reached the bleep of MH 370 , there was a huge flash of light and within seconds both the UFO and MH 370 radar bleeps disappeared. What could have happened?
The Radar footage really messed me up – as it can only mean both the Boeing 777 and the UFO just disappeared. Then a few months later, I received startling information from an off- world source that would collaborate with what I saw on the mysterious radar footage. The messages came in bits and then it stopped totally. I don’t care what you think of the messages given to me but I do hope their next-of –kin will be told and I depend on you my dear Readers. The information, apart from an off- world source, is also from my Higher Self and it collaborated with what I was told. I had just recently double- checked it with my Higher Self.
Flight MH 370 was hijacked by a UFO in the nick of time before it was to be destroyed by the Dark Ones. That is why the Malaysia Airline plane will never be found, in our 3D world at least. The flaperon found drifting in the Indian Ocean is not from MH 370, nor are they held captive in Diego Garcia. The passengers and crew are still alive but put in another Dimension to be briefed and taught more about the New Earth. They are the Souls that had agreed in their Soul contracts to undergo this painful event. After The Event and Full Disclosure, in the dawn of New Earth or Nova Gaia, they will be brought back as Ambassadors to Nova Gaia. I got no answer when I asked when will it be. Atlantis will rise up again from the depths of the Ocean, not in ruins but in a pristine condition. Antartica is part of Atlantis but for now this fact is being covered up. The Battle between the Light and Dark is far from over but every day the Light is winning. This much I can reveal for now. I hope this is of comfort for the relatives of the missing MH 370 passengers and crew. Should I have new information I will certainly put it here. The Families need to keep on Praying.
I am Love , I am the Spirit of Unconditional Love and Light
I am Awareness , OR NI TOR FOR.

Thursday, 7 June 2018


I know I am to tell all I know about Flight MH 370 but I need to write about this June Energy first to warn you. There had been a huge Battle in the Heavens. A huge Battleship of an even more ancient Archon was detected and even Monkey King can’t damage or destroy it and left it to Reinforcements from Allies of the 1,400th Dimension.
Back on Planet Earth, things will heat up- literally – Summer will be hot, Fires bursting out and more earthquakes and volcanic activities. Travel will be a hazard with delays at airports from weather freaking out. But many Souls will leave and more celebrities will die. There will be citizens up rising in many countries against their governments and more purging of the old guards. They have to leave as the new Energies no longer support their ways, as seen in my country and now in Italy. OR NI TOR FOR.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018


Greetings to my Readers from USA, Russia, Germany, India, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Indonesia and Vietnam. Thank you so much for visiting my Blog. It means so much to me. Many times I had wanted to end this portal but your visiting here kept me going. For today, please view this video on MH 370 and in about one week’s time, I shall, for the first time, give my view point on the matter. It will shock many. OR NI TOR FOR.

Monday, 28 May 2018



I said to the Buddha: "Let all my friends stay happy and healthy...!"
Buddha said: "Only four days...!"
I said, "OK. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter."
Buddha said: "Only three days."
I said, "OK. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow."
The Buddha said: "No, only two days!"
I said, "OK. Daytime, Dark days."
The Buddha said: "No, just one day...!"
I said, "OK...!"
The Buddha suddenly asked, "What day?"
I said, " *Everyday*, I live with all my friends."
The Buddha smiled... and said: “All your friends will be healthy and happy everyday! 

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


It was a resounding Victory for the Forces of Light in my country- we kicked out the former Government of Thieves, Cheats, Liars, Racists, Looters and Fear Mongers. My Feng Shui and I Ching calculations were spot on. I put my reputation at great risk by foretelling the Future of my country and broadcasting it in FB and here. In my circle of other Feng Shui Masters, none dared to forecast the Future of how this Election will go. But I am different and Fear nothing in 3D. Among the Professionals of my day job, I am the only one who thinks differently and always said things will get better. My colleagues had given up Hope, they are full of Negative thoughts and majority are Sceptics and Pessimists. Yet they are highly educated. That is what Fear can do to you Humans. Really I think the majority didn’t think the then Opposition will be able to give a decisive defeat on the ruling Party of 60 years.
In the hours of the Election, I had been receiving disturbing reports by citizens about obstacles being put to prevent citizens to vote. The quick reporting then prevented other centres of Polling stations falling into the same. People were united in all fronts. I felt the Energy being very heavy and forming a Wall. I then decided to say my 3 Powerful Mantras to break the heavy and dark Energies. In fact I seldom use the 3 Mantras together as it unleash a Powerful Energy. But I had to do it a 2nd time when things seemed to get worse. Another  Master Lightworker in the country had also emanated the Positive Energies on his own and later told me so. Thus I was not fighting alone. The drama went right into the early hours of 4am when it was finally officially announced that Pakatan Harapan, a coalition of 3 Opposition Parties had finally won and overthrown the most corrupt government we ever had. We the citizens made History. Our solidarity and unity was unprecedented. There were many heroes and heroines. To our horror, later the King had delayed or might have refused to swear in the new Prime Minister and once again, the whole country was in a dilemma. Again I had to unleash my Mantras and finally by 11pm the next day our beloved new Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammad was officially sworn in and declared the Prime Minister. Now Justice will be done. Change is happening at speed of Light and all will be revealed and guilty ones will face the long arms of the Law. OR NI TOR FOR.